Yvonne Weers
A Home for Hope
After a devesting breakup with a single dad, Aly Benson vows never to fall for a ready-made family again. She realizes a childhood dream and opens a shelter for dogs, but the city threatens condemnation unless she makes costly repairs to the building. 

Widowed rancher and single dad, JASE MCCOLLOUGH, is desperate to find a companion for his son after his mother’s death. He visits The Orphan Train Dog Rescue to meet a border collie named Hope, but instead finds the feisty proprietor in distress. Jase has all the connections to help her, but will his growing attraction interfere with his son’s well-being? 

Works in Progress by Yvonne Weers
Yvonne is currently working on two contemporary sweet romance series: The Sandhills Crossing series and a series set in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.  

Other works include an historical Christian fiction series set in the Gold Rush era. 
Second Chance Cowboy
Levi Chase's fame as a professional rodeo bull rider tests him to his physical and spiritual limits. Life on the road has its rewards, but when an injury sends him back home, he's held accountable for his reputation as the town's risk-taking bad boy. 

Julie McCollough's recent divorce left her devastated and spiritually bankrupt. She finds solace in coming home to her family's ranch and realizes a life-long dream of using miniature horses as hospital therapy for children. Everything is looking up until she's required to provide services to her former high school flame and bull riding superstar, Levi Chase, who has a habit of turning her world upside down.
Bullfighter Mike McCollough is living life large saving cowboys from charging bulls and being the center of attention, until he meets his match in Serenity Morrell who won't give him a second glance. Serenity wants nothing to do with a man who risks life and limb when she's working so hard to overcome an injury that left her learning how to walk again. With the help of Mike's sister Julie and her hippotherapy program, Serenity learns to walk by faith.
A Sandhills Crossing Christmas
When a Chinese woman and an English interpreter discover that young girls have been smuggled on board their ship to San Francisco's 1850 Chinatown, they work together to end the sex trafficking trade and establish a mission dedicated to the rescuing of women who have been shanghaied.

The Firefighter's Match
Does she carry a torch for him, or the forest?

Alexa James’ mission is to preserve her father’s memory by photographing undisclosed wilderness locations they hiked together. But someone’s been lighting fires behind her. Pursuit of a serial arsonist leads Investigator Matthew M’Cabe and his accelerant-sniffing dog directly to The Old West Photo Shoppe, where award-winning pictures of smoldering forests draws his suspicion. Sparks fly when Matthew finds the feisty photographer as irresistible as her artwork. She might be the match he’s been searching for. But Alexa won’t fall easily for someone like her dad who’s here today, gone tomorrow.
Once a Fool
He loves to climb mountains, but she holds onto to the ropes!

Former Navy SEAL Garrett Blakely dreams of owning the mountaineering school in his Black Hills hometown. But first he needs to confront the red-headed fireball he left at the altar--admittedly, not his best spontaneous idea. When he suggests they alter history, he's met with suspicious indifference. Thanks to Garret, Tessa James was spared a military lifestyle and focuses on her historical clothing business and raising her handicapped daughter. Until Garrett learns the truth behind her little girl and wants them back in his life.